Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.

The information provided on this website is for use of a general nature only and is not intended to be relied upon as, nor is it to be a substitute for, specific professional advice.

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    CoconnectHER brings together women homeowners who could benefit from financial assistance, with women of integrity who find themselves at financial risk of homelessness to share accommodation. The Homeowner provides a bedroom and shared facilities. In exchange, the Homesharer pays an approved amount of rent and living expenses, as well as providing company and the added financial security of having someone else sharing the home.

    Please note that CoconnectHER provides a matching service to individuals based on supplied answers to our questionnaires,  however after successful matching it is up to both individuals to arrange to meet in person and make final agreement for shared living. We can assist with draft forms of these agreements. If you are interested in becoming a CoconnectHER you can click here to complete the compatibility survey so we can start finding you suitable matches in your area.

    What Service Does CoconnectHER Provide?

    •  Provides a matching service based on compatibility questionnaires. Delivered on an easy to use website from the comfort of your own home. Our fee includes introductions to the best matched person via email.  Matches are based on answers supplied by both parties. References are requested with the applications as well as current police checks. These will be requested prior to the release to you of  CoconnectHER match contact details.  
    • Introductions via email. Once matches have been made the CoconnectHER details are exchanged as per the signed privacy agreement and both parties arrange their face to face meeting. If both parties decide the match is worth a try, and they establish mutually beneficial terms and conditions then arrangements are made for the Homesharer to move in. If either party is unhappy, the arrangement does not move forward, the search starts again.
    • Your fee is payable prior to the release of matched CoconnectHER details. This fee is for unlimited matches in any one month period. If CoconnectHER does not have any current matches for your area, your fee will flow over into the following calendar month.  If CoconnectHER has supplied you with matches based on the compatibility questionnaires and your requests and you Do Not accept those matches you will be required to pay the service fee in the following Calendar month to receive new matches.
    • Once you have commenced your new CoconnectHER home sharing agreement, both parties are required to notify CoconnectHER, so that your search details are suspended.
    • CoconnectHER provides a template for both parties to draw up their agreement, detailing the arrangements that have been worked out including but not limited to, bond amount,  rent in advance, rental price, trial period, daily living costs, use of telephone and other facilities. Every agreement will be different to suit the circumstances of the match. Both parties can add or edit according to their agreed terms. Once both parties have signed their agreements and started living together, CoconnectHER has completed their service, and has no responsibility for the outcomes of the CoconnectHER members, as consenting adults all responsibility for harmonious co-living resides with both of the signed parties as per their agreement. 
    • You can opt out of our mailing list at any time and you can request via email that your search details be suspended



    As a Socially aware enterprise our purpose is to increase the options for women at Financial risk of homelessness, women home owners retain their homes and are matched with women in need of a home to co-share a home,  this will allow both parties to retain financial stability and housing security while reducing the risk of homeless for women over 50 and to foster a new community of empowered women with a secure future.

    Underpinning values

    CoconnectHER is founded on the belief that:
    • Every woman has a right to remain in their own home, especially mature aged women. To be able to live with as much autonomy and financial independence as they wish, and should not be faced with financial hardship due to rising costs of living.
    • Reciprocity and mutual benefit forms the basis of an effective service, providing dignity, autonomy and independence to both the Homeowner and the Homesharer as well as opportunities to enhance the lives of both.
    • The service considers the needs and interests of both the Homeowner and the Homesharer, both as equally important during the matching process
    • While the Homeowner maintains dominion over their property, the Homesharer is to be treated as a respected part of the co-living environment
    • The home owner has final say on whether or not they go ahead with the homeshare agreement.    
    These Co Sharing relationships and new found understanding of women in similar positions, can be fostered to the benefit of both the Homeowner and the Homesharer and their circle of influence and friends, becoming part of a community and solution to a growing issue for women.  

    Operating Model

    • The core principle is that a woman of the ages 50 to 65, who has a spare room in their home, is matched with a person (to the best of CoconnectHER ability) of compatibility and integrity.  The Homesharer lives in the home for an agreed rental price and terms as per their individual agreements.  
    • CoconnectHER charges a service fee to provide this matching service to both the Homeowner and the Homesharer.
    • CoconnetHER is operated by a socially aware, community focused business, with close ties to their local community. The company is made of up 3 team members, all three have personal experience with financial risks. Each member brings defining knowledge, experience and creativity to solution solving. You can find out more about each team member here on our about you page.