Coconnecting Women To Relieve Financial Homelessness

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How It All Began

A newspaper article, a video and a reality check was all it took for us to realise that there was a need for CoconnectHER.

Do you know, that there are over 500,000 Women at Risk of Homelessness in Australia,some due to financial risk?

You could be the next face of homelessness and not even know it. It sneaks up unexpectedly, one day you are fine… married, working in your own home the next – nothing.

Every women we interviewed said the same thing, – it all happened so quickly and without warning. Yet the reality is, there is plenty of signs, if you know what to look for.
CoconnectHER is the brainchild of Kym Breeze, and she stumbled across her 2 co-founders at a business startup weekend.

Merna Dwyer & Ken Windley understood the need for a solution to the growing epidemic of homeless women over 50.
All three have seen or experienced first hand the effect and fear of potential homelessness.
Homelessness sadly is not new, there are many homeless people, and many services to assist. Yet for women over 50, it’s a new, scary world. You spend your whole life dedicated to a cause, that of rearing children, or being a home carer for your husband… and in the blink of an eye, the kids are grown or your husband is gone and you a left wondering what next, too old to get a job, and with the sudden realisation that you have no savings to purchase a home, and you can’t afford rent.

You may think that your husband has provided well for you, as this is what we were lead to believe, yet many women have less than sufficient security when the breadwinner is no longer with you.

Together, Kym, Ken and Merna created an Affordalbe Alternative Housing Solution – helping women at financial risk of homelessness to find security, company and relief from the financial burden of keeping a home. You can join us at Facebook or sign up here  to be part of the solution and our community. Thank you, we look forward to Coconnecting.


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