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Welcome! Are you lacking companionship? Seeking friendship, stability and lifestyle? Struggling alone? Financially strapped for cash? We can help! Join our community and let us connect you with a like minded home co-sharer. Relieve your financial stress, find friendship and happy housemates. If you are interested in working toward helping women find affordable housing solutions, this is the place to be. Stay up to date by sharing your email contact with us, so you can learn all about what we do.

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If you are able to assist a women in financial distress, who has fallen on difficult times, struggling to make ends meet due to circumstances out of her control, we would appreciate if you would REGISTER YOUR ROOM TO SHARE by clicking here.

If you are seeking accomodation all you need to do is REGISTER TO SHARE by clicking here.   We will see if we can find you a suitable potential housemate as soon as humanly possible.

The CoconnectHER community, is a safe place where you will be able to stay up to date with what is happening in our world.  Learn how you can coconnect, the benefits of co-sharing and how to improve your finances and find lasting friendships. You’ll get updates about rooms that are available and people who may be seeking accommodation,

There’ll be tips about happy housemates, finances and anything to do with co-sharing, and the risk of being homeless. 

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