Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does it Cost to Use CoconnectHER?

CoconnectHER is a social enterprise assisting women at risk of financial homelessness.  In order to provide an accurate matching service and to maintain quality service a minimal fee is charged to those seeking assistance as we are not funded.  Part of the fee is donated to homeless services in order to help those in need.

Why is this service just for older women?

Single women over the age of 55 are the fastest growing demographic affected by homelessness in Australia. They have longer life expectancy but on average have accumulated lesser levels of wealth. For these reasons we are focused on single women at risk of homelessness.

Where are the homes?

This project does not have housing accommodation.  We do however source homes and rooms from those in financial distress who would like to help others at risk of homelessness.   Co sharing alleviates social exclusion and loneliness and brings together like minds,

How long can I stay in the home?

CoconnectHER facilitates the connection of those seeking financial relief.  It is the responsibility of each participant to choose and decide on the terms and conditions of the stay.

Is there ongoing support to CoconnectHERs?

At CoconnectHER we believe that you can live independently. However if you need support for any reason, we may be able to provide resources and services to connect with.  Once a share house relationship is established we will no longer be involved.