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Let’s Celebrate Women as we celebrate Mother’s Day.

“When women are empowered and can claim their rights and access to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, economies grow, food security is enhanced and prospects are improved for current and future generations Michelle Bachelet Under Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Women.

Women have the ability to be many things and often whilst we are doing all that we feel the need to do, we sometimes can forget to celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our contribution.

Women fulfil the roles of caretakers, educators, providers and entrepreneurs.

Celebrate Women and Celebrate Mothers

Regardless of the many other roles you are currently in, motherhood is a constant. Motherhood can be the most satisfying, yet challenging vocation in the world. As times change, the role of a mother remains stable, yet our lives change.

Celebrating motherhood and the time, love and effort women contribute to the role is important, yet as our children grow, times change, and we may find ourselves alone on mothers day.

Whilst we are busy doing what comes naturally to us, – which is caring and helping others – serving others, life sneaks up on you and can take away those things you take for granted, or have worked so hard for.

You know, your job, a loved one, your wealth, your health.   These things disappear slowly and while you are busy elsewhere – growing older and keeping everything together for others.

You are one of many….

Over the years women have changed the world, and their roles have changed also.

Celebrate Women Celebrate MothersThink Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, Hatchetsup, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana…. and so so many more right up until present day.

All these women participated, contributed and stood for a cause or a belief, just as any mother, aunty, sister or daughter does in everyday life.

Yet whilst we are busy creating, surviving and doing, we can forget to acknowledge the love and wonder of each other.

So lets take some time to acknowledge ourselves and all that we do on a daily basis to help and serve others, as women, and mothers.

CHANGE HAPPENS QUICKLY….celebrate women celebrate mothers

Often in the pursuit of helping others, it’s easy to not put yourself first, or even in the limelight.

Your situation could change instantly and suddenly, leaving you alone and possibly with no where to go. Out of work, unable to pay your rent, ora stay at home mum and find yourself suddenly all alone – with no financial backup – no superannuation, no employment, only welfare to support you – and that doesn’t cover the cost of rent and living.

Perhaps your children have grown and left, or you have parted ways with your significant other, regardless of the circumstance, the fact remains that you may be forced into a situation where you need to rethink how you will survive.

As women we are survivors, we are resourceful and resilient, and we are creators. We are capable, responsible, fearless brave and courageous in times of distress.   So much so, that we do not often ask for help.   We are fiercely independent – always seeking to give, yet perhaps reluctant to ask or receive.

These women who have changed the world, did so with commitment and passion and they were recognised for what they did. Like mothers, perhaps often after the fact.   Lets not do that – lets recognise and acknowledge those women around us now, who are changing our world, bit by bit – in their own way.

The other day I had the good fortune to attend a Peace Symposium on “Domestic Harmony Leads to A Peaceful Society”.

It was an interfaith gathering were the presenters shared their thoughts and ideas on equality, domestic violence and achieving a peaceful society and the effect thereof.

In a time when women are seen to be suffering more and more, in all walks of life, at any age, now is when we need to band together and celebrate each other.

Celebrate Women Celebrate Mothers Day

Band together to help each other be open to receiving encouragement, help, support, friendship and personal goals.

In our endeavours to help and serve others, it’s easy to not pay attention to what our own needs are, and before you are aware, you are in a situation that you had not contemplated.

Celebrate your life as you live it.   Every achievement is a success.   Whether it is a career option, a parenting option, a caring option or anything else, acknowledge your contribution to the world, to your work, to your family and accept the accolades.  Everything you do adds value to the world, and you need to know this, be aware of it and own it.

Know that you provide value and worth to the world.   Inspiration comes from those you know and watching what they do – so as a mother, sister, daughter, aunty, women – you are inspiring others in everything you do.   Know that.

celebrate women celebrate mothersAs women, we need each other. To reach out and support those in need, and those who may not be in need, because realistically, everyone at some point, needs encouragement, praise and validation.

The role of women has ensured the stability, progress and development of nations, communities, and families throughout history.

It’s time to celebrate all that has been shared, achieved and contributed.

Yet, you may notice a “silencing effect” – where throughout history, you have been told to “not say that”, “shhhhh”, be quiet. Sure there are moments when you are being taught respect, yet when you are shut down – the inner effect is one of making you feel worthless, useless or hopeless. Well that’s how I feel anyways.

Silencing occurs when we diminish, ignore, ridicule or powerfully override who we truly are.   As mothers, we may tend to remain silent, to “keep the peace” – yet in doing so, perhaps we are modelling behaviours that will not serve us. I guess it’s the adage “choose your fights” that needs to be recalled at times.

As times change, – your role in life diminishes and you may not feel as involved or useful, you tend to keep to yourself more, – loneliness may set in, and of course your financial situation may also vary, leaving you watching your pennies and not able to celebrate women, others or yourself.

Whilst you look forward to Mothers Day, the extent of the connection, may simply be a phone call from a child far away to wish you well.   Perhaps they travel and have lunch with you, and then leave and life returns to normal.

Happy Mothers Day… – Celebrate mothers all over the world, and celebrate women’s contributions to the family and society, surround yourself with mothers and celebrate your womanhood, your parenting skills, your contribution to the lives of every child, young adult and adult that you touch.

Don’t let them tell you who you are, show ‘em” 

_ Kelly Rowland.

Your story goes beyond Mothers Day, beyond being celebrated only on one day.   It’s about commemorating, rejoicing and praising all the help you gave, the service you provided and the value you offered to the workforce, your family, your community and the world.

As you remember your mother, also recall the times when you were able to give and help others in need, – and don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Often the story goes beyond where you have came from, to where you are heading and part of that journey is not only in finding the help we need, but in knowing what that help looks like and where to go from there…

If you are a mother, living alone this Mothers Day, and your children will call or visit, the grandchildren will run and play throughout the home but after that and the silence returns, it doesn’t have to stay that way – you can coconnect and share memories with someone else who understands and relates to where you are situated right this moment.

Its never easy to live alone, finances can strain, relationships begin to drain, why not contact CoconnectHER to see how we can help – whether it’s with financial relief of finding someone who can share with you, or our financial literacy tips and training, Im sure we can assist you in whatever way you feel the need.

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Celebrate women, celebrate one an other, come together to help those who may need help, financial relief, company, support or encouragement.  We are here for you – just like a mother is!.















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