About Us

It all began with a newspaper article, a video and a reality check for us to realise there was a need for a social enterprise like CoconnectHER.

Life has not always been roses and sunshine, we battled through, yet that article and video created a different reality and perspective for us. It made our first hand “close encounters” just that little bit more real. Until then it was one of those “it happens to everyone else” stories.

Do you know, that there are over 500,000 Women at Risk of Homelessness in Australia, some due to financial risk?

You could be the next face of homelessness and not even know it. It sneaks up unexpectedly, one day you are fine… married, working, in your own home the next – nothing.

Every woman we interviewed said the same thing, – it all happened so quickly and without warning. Yet the reality is, there are plenty of signs if you know what to look for.


CoconnectHER serves women seeking alternative affordable housing solutions and those at risk of financial homelessness. 

We believe everyone deserves to have a home.  We based our business model on the premise that women over 50 are seeking :
          Stability                              Companionship                              Life


The ability to feel safe and secure in your own home and allows you to live life fully.  To have peace of mind knowing that you are not at risk of financial homelessness and you can live your life knowing your future is secure and you will be able to do the things you love.




The need for connection and companionship is a basic human need and what better way to facilitate this, alleviate social isolation and exclusion than by creating a community where women can help women.


Even in our “old” age we still think young, feel young and can be young,  Find A Room to Rent - at Risk of Financial Homelessnessespecially when we are connected with others seeking to enjoy life, secure in the knowledge we have the comfort of home and the understanding of a family, community and friends.



CoconnectHER is the brainchild of Kym Breeze,  based on her personal experience and she connected with her 2 co-founders at a business startup weekend.


Merna Dwyer and Ken Windley resonated with Kym’s story and that there was an urgent need for a solution to the growing epidemic of homeless women over 50. Together, Kym, Merna and Ken created CoconnectHER,

All three have seen or experienced first hand the effect and fear of potential homelessness.
Homelessness sadly is not new, there are many homeless people, and many services to assist. Yet for women over 50, it’s a new, scary world. You spend your whole life dedicated to a cause, that of rearing children, being a home carer for your husband or a career woman… and in the blink of an eye, the kids are grown or your husband is gone, business has gone bust, your debt mounts up and you a left wondering what next. Too old to secure that dream job and with the sudden realisation that you no longer have the savings to purchase a home, and you can’t afford rent in this market on your own. It is a scary place and that is why we are here, to help, to show you there is a way to move forward and take control.

Together, Kym, Ken and Merna created an Affordable Alternative Housing Solution – CoconnectHER, helping women at financial risk of homelessness to find security, company and relief from the financial burden of keeping a home. You can join us at Facebook or sign up here  to be part of the solution and our community. Thank you, we look forward to Coconnecting.

If you are in need of a place to call home, or perhaps you have a spare space you’d like to share then go here and register.  We will be in touch real soon.    Click here to register to coconnect with someone or Click here to register a room to share