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CoconnectHER Works. Co-connect and discover safe, affordable living. Relieve the burden of financial distress. Find Stability, Companionship and Lifestyle.

Step One

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Step Two

Need a Room? Have a Room to Share - Complete a compatibility questionnaire to get quality connections based on key areas of interest.

Step Three

Once potential matches are established, review profiles of everyone who meets your criteria.

Step Four

Pay your fee of $37 to receive more information and contact details for suitable co-sharers.

Step Five

Relax and connect over coffee to see if you are a fit to co-share.

What are the benefits of co-sharing and co-connecting?

  • It’s sensible – There are over 1 million “spare” rooms in homes around Australia. Homes with only one person living in them.    There is the potential for 500,000 homeless women over 50 to occur.
  • It’s practical – With more and more people living alone and ageing, co-connecting decreases the strain on caring services,     allowing people to stay in their homes longer.
  • It’s connected – Sharing brings women together with similar interests and abilities decreasing the sense of loneliness and   isolation in the home, thereby improving mental well being. You feel more fulfilment, vitality and experience life-long learning.
  • It’s social – A strong sense of connection decreases loneliness and isolation while improving quality of life
  • It’s independent – whilst sharing, you still can maintain your own individuality, interests and manage your own needs.
  • It’s affordable – Sharing resources cuts costs, reduces the need for individual expenses and improves living standards.
  • It’s safe – Sharing a home creates a sense of safety as there are more people around to protect you. CoconnectHER attempts       to provide potential matches for you to choose so that you know who you are living with.
  • It’s secure – Close-knit communities tend to be safe and healthy.

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    About CoconnectHER

    CoconnectHER  connects women Over 50 searching to relieve financial distress.  We find women of similar lifestyle, backgrounds and interests who are willing to co-share the comforts of home and friendship.  

    Our goal is to raise awareness and educate Baby Boomer women around their risks of Financial Homelessness and to help alleviate that risk by connecting women to co-share.

    We are a person centred Socially focused Enterprise,  providing an alternative affordable housing solution. 


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