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About CoconnectHER

CoconnectHER is a person centred Socially focused Enterprise,  providing an alternative affordable housing solution. We help women seeking a home to co-share not just a house.  Our goal is to raise awareness and educate Baby Boomer women around their risks of Financial Homelessness.  

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Why Coconnecting Works

CoconnectHER is starting conversations between generations and women, as well as creating a safe place for women to coconnect. At CoconnectHER we are bringing together women who are able to help each other, women who are at financial risk of homelessness, and women who have remained silent for too long. By building a community, creating a simple to use online platform we are giving women choices. As a single homeowner struggling to pay the mortgage you can sign up and share a room in your home to another women who is struggling to pay rent. CoconnectHER is the first step in a big plan as we know the figures for Men and Families show there is a need for our service across those demographics as well. We as a team need to start somewhere to create changes and as CoconnectHER began from a personal experience the team lived and related to reaching out to women was the heartfelt place to start. As we grow and develop as a community focused social enterprise we will add the services to cover men and families.


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